This Aerial Hoop or Lyra has some nice hidden features. No longer just a circle. 

Available in 3 sizes. Note our aerial hoops are measured as the Inside Diameter. Sizing: Sit on a chair and measure from the seat to the top of your head, then add 5-10cm (2-4 inch). (eg: chair to top of head 32", then you need a 36" hoop)

The top anchor has been cnc machined out of one piece of metal to make the strongest anchor we could. The ring is welded together and slipped inside of the anchor piece, 2 finishing welds are then done to clean up the anchor.The anchor is ready to accept our steel carabiner and sling, or lead. You can also connect to hoop directly to a sling with out the need for a carabiner.

If you want your aerial ring to rotate you can add one of our swivels at the top of your assembly.

Finish is tough powder coat, but you can use cotton tape or tape to make it any color you want.

This aerial ring is fully strength tested and certified. Certificates of conformity are available on request.


Anchor: steel cnc machined attachment point
Material: 1" steel tubing

Finish: Powder coated and ready for tape 

Size and weights:

Hoop SizeDimensions cm | inchesWeight (kg)
34" aerial hoop

OD 91cm | 36 "

ID 86cm | 34"

11.4 kg
36" aerial hoop

OD 95cm | 38" 

ID 90cm | 36"

12 kg
39" aerial hoop

OD 104cm | 41"

ID 99cm | 39"

13.2 kg

Additional Options:
Working Load: 200 kg (440 lbs) 
Breaking load: 5443 kg (12000 lbs)

  • Basic hardware kit: 2 x steel carabiner, 1 x Sling (120cm)
  • Swivel hardware kit: 1 x swivel, 3 x steel carabiner, 1 x Sling (120cm)
  • Cotton Hoop Lead: 200cm Cotton rope with 3/16" Steel cable core. 

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Aerial Hoop Solid Steel 34", 36" or 39"

  • Brand: JuggleGear
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  • $290.00

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